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Public Involvement

Public Meetings

The Anchorage Virtual-Public Open House was held on Monday, March 18, 2019 from 5:00 - 6:30 PM at DOWL 4041 B Street, Anchorage, AK, 99503. (Presentation at 5:30 PM).

The 45-day comment period commenced March 18, 2019 and concluded May 3, 2019.

Public involvement was conducted by representatives from the DOT&PF and the consultant team (referred to as “the planning team”). The planning team conducted extensive in-person, live-stream, and online engagement to receive comments and guidance from the public. In addition, a Steering Committee was established to broadly represent organizations, interest groups, and private citizens with a role in the delivery of active transportation, who contributed to the overall direction of the ASATP, and provided additional information and data to support its development.

The ASATP’s vision and recommendations reflect the input of the public and the Steering Committee, and comments and guidance from staff at DOT&PF and other stakeholders.

Public Open Houses (live- streamed):

  • Anchorage – September 2016
  • Palmer – September 2016
  • Soldotna – November 2016
  • Utqiagvik – April 2017
  • Fairbanks – April 2017
  • Bethel – April 2017
  • Nome – April 2017
  • Juneau – March 2018
  • We tried to get to Dillingham – replaced with radio show!

Steering Committee

A Steering Committee, representing a broad range of organizations and interests, was formed at the commencement of the ASATP development to provide input on draft documents and recommendations. Organizations and groups represented at the Steering Committee are shown in image below. The Steering Committee met four times through the development of the ASATP, to develop preliminary goals, objectives, and a vision for bicycling and walking in Alaska. The Committee also reviewed all background materials and provided information, feedback, and critique to ensure that high quality information was curated in the development of the ASATP.